Charles Simon Dobbie

Mr. Charles Simon Dobbie joined DHL in 1986 and ultimately served as a member of the DHL Express Global Management Board with responsibility for DHL Operations, Aviation and IT from 2009 – 2020. He served on the Polar Air Cargo Board from 2010 to 2020 and additionally held a position on the AeroLogic Air Cargo Shareholder Board from 2010 to 2021.

Since October 2020, he has been the Executive Vice President (EVP) of Global Operations, Information Technology (IT), and Aviation at DHL eCommerce Solutions.

Since 2009, Mr. Dobbie has been a member of the DPDHL Corp Operations and Aviation Boards and the DPDHL Corp IT Board.

In 1994 Mr Dobbie was involved in the acquisition of Blue Dart Express and Blue Dart Aviation and has had an operating relationship since that time.

His extensive aviation experience includes involvement in the following ventures:

  • Launch of NZ Australia- Tasman Cargo Airlines (TCA)
  • DHL Global Aviation In-House Airlines 2009-2020
  • Joint Venture with Lufthansa in Aerologic GmbH
  • Joint Venture with Cathay Pacific in Air Hong Kong
  • Joint Ownership of Polar Air Cargo with Atlas Air